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Our Staff

SNAPs highly-dedicated staff is the power behind our mission: preventing pet overpopulation.


“SNAP is a great organization. Anyone who goes out of their way to help animals is great in my book and SNAP does more than go out of their way. They’re a group of wonderfully dedicated and selfless people.”
— Mike S.

“Thank God for this program. Couldn’t afford it without you.”
— T. Tigert

“Absolutely wonderful for low-income elderly.”
— Rita from Oceanside

“We wanted to say thank you sooooooo much for offering this service for our sweet kitty! We totaled up how much service we received for $30 and it would have been about THREE times as much!! We’re on a ridiculous budget right now, so we really needed this special very much! Thank you and BLESS YOU ALL!”
— Shannon, Shaye & Luna

Dorell Sackett
Executive Director

"I am proud to be a part of the Spay-Neuter Action Project and empower people to be responsible pet owners. SNAP improves the welfare of pets, people and the community here in San Diego. Reaching 60,000 dogs and cats altered in San Diego County aboard our 38-foot high-volume surgical mobile unit, along with educating scores of families locally on the importance of proper pet care is a milestone for pets in this county!"

Rebekah Snyder
SNAP Scheduling Manager

"I have always considered spaying and neutering to be the cornerstone of responsible pet guardianship; for your pet, for the community, and to impact the future for less unwanted or homeless animals. I'm grateful to everyone that picks up the phone and calls SNAP and is interested in getting their pets spayed or neutered and enjoy helping each individual client figure out what works best for them and their furry family member."

Sarah Ordene
Neuter Scooter Clinic Manager

"I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to assist in making a difference in the lives of our clients and their pets. I am equally appreciative of the donors and supporters of SNAP.  Being able to help people get their pets fixed is incredibly fulfilling! I have been the clinic manager at SNAP since the spring of 2016. I have always been passionate about animals, from a very young age."