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"SNAP saves lives, by reducing pet overpopulation."

Pricing & Eligibility

Dear Client:

Thank you for completing the online registration form!  If we are able to assist, one of our schedulers will be in contact within 24-48 business hours by calling the number provided by you to determine income eligibility for an appointment.  You can see our income eligibility here. You need to make under this amount to qualify but if you make more, please look at these additional options for low-cost spay/neuter services in San Diego County: do/programs/spay-and-neuter/

There are two important steps to be taken before confirming an appointment. The first is for us to determine eligibility based on the information provided by you. If you meet the criteria, you will move to the scheduling phase. If not, you can still get your pet spayed or neutered at an affordable rate through a referral to partner veterinarians. The second step, once eligibility is confirmed, is for us to schedule your pet on the Neuter Scooter surgical bus. Clinics fill up quickly, so we do our best to fit people in at the available locations. There is also an opportunity to be added to the “standby” list. All available options will be discussed during the scheduling phone call.

PLEASE NOTE: No more than three animals from the same family will be scheduled on the same day.



$20 | *Special rate for feral cats in traps both genders
$40 | *Flat rate for Pit Bulls/Pit Bull mixes
$50 | Male cats
$60 | Female cats
$70 | Male dogs up to 40 pounds
$80 | Female dogs up to 40 pounds
$90 | Male dogs 40-80 pounds
$100 | Female dogs 40-80 pounds




$50 | Female rabbit
$75 | Male rabbit

All pets receive FREE with surgery:

Free pre-anesthetic health exam
Free nail trim
Free injectable pain medication
Free e-collar  (except for male cats)
Free flea control and deworming (if fleas/tapeworms are present and/or at veterinarian discretion)
Free ID tag, fill out form here.

DOGS receive:

Free rabies vaccination

Plus: *$10 discount off second and third pet from the same household, except on specials.

Free spays and neuter for pets of  active military E1-E6:

Visit MIL-SNAP program here


  • Cats and dogs must be two months/two pounds, at a minimum, to be spayed or neutered. At this age, it is preferred that the male testicles are descended, and/or visible. Our medical staff also recommends routine vaccines be given prior to scheduling for their own benefit, if/when possible.
  • A pre-anesthesia health exam will be performed to determine if any surgical risks are present.
  • For health and safety reasons, cats must arrive in a sanitized carrier (please line with a clean towel for comfort) with a latching mechanism. SNAP is not responsible for cats who escape from unsuitable enclosures.
  • SNAP is unable to spay or neuter a companion animal who is seven years or older, as we are unable to offer/provide pre-surgical blood work as a screening measure for their health prior to surgery. A traditional veterinary office, where those options are available, is the safest environment.
  • If applying for a first-time dog license, eligibility is based on zip code, and if your dog does not require a Rabies vaccine, please bring the appropriate lot number and name of the manufacturer of your dog’s Rabies vaccine to the scheduled clinic location.