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Biography Nancy Heitel

Nancy Heitel has been volunteering with animal rescue organizations for over 35 years.  She has been a member of the SNAP Board of Directors since 2014.  By joining the SNAP Board, Nancy gets great satisfaction, working together with other board members, staff and volunteers to increase SNAP’s ability to raise funds, heighten awareness of our goal to reduce pet overpopulation, and add more clinics than the previous years.

For the last 15 years, she has volunteered at two of the three San Diego County Animal Shelters.  She has fostered a number of dogs from these shelters, those who needed extra time (due to medical or behavioral issues), to recover before being adopted into their new home.

After witnessing first-hand, during her time at these shelters, the large number of animals who enter daily (some in terrible shape), Nancy became painfully aware of the toll that these innocent animals pay, due to over pet overpopulation.

While helping with any (non-medical) tasks at weekend spay/neuter clinics in various small towns in Mexico, Nancy observed the great love most people have for their pets, even though the owners can’t possibly afford to have their animals sterilized, and eliminate these repeated, unwanted litters.

Two “failed foster” dogs, Wally and Pippa, and one very senior cat, Ella (who was 8 weeks old when adopted) share Nancy’s life and home.