Improved Behavior

Spaying or neutering will not change your pet's personality for the worse - quite the opposite! There are many benefits to getting your pet fixed:

  • lets get neuteredNeutering reduces the desire to breed, and that has a calming effect on many animals. Your pet can relax and enjoy being part of the family.
  • Sterilization eliminates sexual frustration and related behaviors, such as "leg humping" and humping other dogs. A neutered male dog is more fun around other dogs!
  • A female dog in heat will attract every male dog in the vicinity. It can be downright impossible to walk a female dog in heat! Also, if your female dog is spayed you don't have to worry about male dogs coming into your yard looking for her.
  • Female cats in heat will attract male cats in the neighborhood. They will linger near your house, howling to attract the female's attention and spraying your walls with urine. Once your female cat is spayed these problems stop.
  • Neutered male dogs, cats, and rabbits are less likely to mark or spray and even if the behavior doesn't stop entirely, the urine will not smell as strongly. (Marking/spraying means leaving strong-smelling urine on furniture, floors, walls, etc.)
  • Neutered dogs and cats are less likely to roam (ie. run away in search of females in the neighborhood). This means they are less likely to get lost or get hit by cars.
  • Altered rabbits are less likely to be aggressive in their cage or living space.
  • A sterilized pet is friendlier with other pets and is less likely to bite unprovoked. Dogs are more likely to get along well with other dogs at the dog park/beach. A spayed or neutered rabbit can safely and peacefully live with another rabbit.

FACT: Unneutered dogs cause nearly 100% of serious bites and nearly 60% of those bite incidents involve children!

Please spay or neuter your pets.  Everyone around you - including the pet - will be happier.