Health Benefits

The benefits to your pet's health and life expectancy are the best argument for spaying and neutering. Here are the facts:

lets get spayed

  • Spaying your female pet will prevent the heartache, stress, and expensive vet bills that can come with complications during pregnancy and birth.
  • Sterilized pets tend to live at least two to three years longer than unsterilized pets.
  • Neutering a male cat or dog by the age of six months prevents testicular cancer and prostate disease. It can also help prevent hernias.
  • Spaying a female cat or dog prevents pyometra (an infected, pus-filled uterus which requires emergency surgery and is often deadly). The risk of pyometra goes up with a dog's age, and the best protection from this silent killer is to have your dog spayed as early as possible.
  • Fixed pets are less likely to get into fights with other animals, or get hit by cars while looking to mate. This means they are less likely to be injured or killed!
  • The longer a female goes unspayed, the greater are her chances of developing mammary tumors. Breast cancer kills about 50 percent of female dogs and 90 percent of female cats who develop this terrible disease.

You will be able to enjoy your pet more, both of you may be spared much suffering, AND you can save yourself unnecessary vet bills.

Please spay or neuter your pets. There's just no excuse not to!