Other Ways You Can Help

Other Ways You Can Help Animals and Your Community

• Spay or neuter your pet(s). Preventing the births of unwanted animals by spay and neutering is the simple, humane and cost-effective solution to pet overpopulation. Altering your animals ensures their good health. In addition, it guarantees that your pets won't have more puppies or kittens while millions of unwanted dogs and cats killed each year in the United States.

• Educate your family and friends about spay/neuter. Help us spread the word. Advice from people you know is often taken more seriously than that from strangers. So educate yourself, talk to people you know about spay/neuter, and encourage them to check out our website. Maybe they, too will become part of the solution!

• Foster an animal. Being a foster parent is one of the most personal ways you can make a difference - you will truly be saving a life. Many people hesitate because they are convinced they will become too attached to their charges. This is not necessarily true - being a foster parent is like being a grandparent. Finding a loving home for your foster pet is incredibly rewarding, and also sometimes nice when your house quiets down for a while until you decide you are ready for the next foster pet. For a list of animal shelters and rescue groups, all of which are constantly looking for more foster homes*, please visit our Links page.
*There is always a special need for people willing to bottle feed animals, especially kittens during the spring and summer months. Bottle feeding means 'round the clock care but is very rewarding because every day you know that you are really making the difference between life and death.

• Encourage your veterinarian to offer low-cost spay/neuter surgery. Our efforts rely heavily on the support of the local veterinarians. Ask your vet if he or she provides low-cost spaying or neutering - either directly to the public or as assistance to local humane organizations. Let them know that it is a matter that concerns you and is very important to our community.

• Write to your County Supervisor. Call or write your county supervisor to urge them to support local spay/neuter programs. Write them at 1600 Pacific Highway, San Diego CA 92101. To obtain your supervisor's name and phone number, call the registrar of voters at (619) 694-3400.

• Please read our VOLUNTEER PAGE and sign up for the SNAP volunteer newsletter by entering your name and email in the blue column on the right of this page. 

With your help, it will soon be a SNAP to have animals spayed and neutered in our county!