Low-Cost Resources

Services: Other Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Resources

For a referral to a veterinarian in your area who generously provides reduced spay/neuter fees, please call the SNAP Hotline at (866)-SPAYBUS (866)-772-928, or download the list of veterinarians or visit the Department of Animal Services website HERE : http://www.sddac.com/docs/vetinfo.pdf

If the animal you wish to get spayed or neutered is an unowned (stray or feral) cat, you may call the Feral Cat Coalition (FCC) at 619-758-9194 or SNAP at (866)-SPAYBUS (866)-772-928. FCC regularly holds free spay/neuter clinics for unowned and feral cats. They also have agreements with a number of private veterinarians who generously donate spay/neuter services between FCC clinic dates. SNAP also provides assistance with fixing stray/feral cats and may provide financial assistance to pet owners on a per case basis.

If you are looking to get your rabbit(s) fixed, please visit the San Diego House Rabbit Society's website for information on their generous spay/neuter rebate. Because rabbit surgeries are different from those performed on other cats and dogs, it is highly recommended that you see a vet who is very rabbit experienced and whose practice sees rabbits on a regular basis - at least 50 per year. See HRS' list of local rabbit-experienced veterinarians.

Residents of Coronado wishing to get a cat fixed may take advantage of PAWS of Coronado's program "A Litter Free Coronado" which aims to reduce the unwanted cat population through spay/neuter. Qualifying cat owners, or caretakers of stray/feral cats, will receive a voucher good for one spay or neuter for use at Coronado Veterinary Hospital or Crown Veterinary Hospital. For more information visit www.pawsofcoronado.org/PAWSPrograms.htm.