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Shop at Ralphs

Ralphs' Community Contributions Program lets you raise funds for SNAP, at no cost to you. It's easy: just use your Ralphs Club Card when you shop at Ralphs. That's all! SNAP will receive a donation from Ralphs every time you shop. To sign up, visit, click on Community Contribution and enter SNAP's NPO number: 83554 when you register your Ralphs Club Card.
Attention: Ralphs recently launched its new "Ralphs Rewards" program. All customers will be completing a new application and receiving a new card the next time they go shopping at Ralphs. If you previously registered your Ralphs Club Card to support SNAP, you will need to link your new Ralphs Club Card to the old one. On behalf of the animals and people we serve: thank you for your support.

Do Your Online Shopping through

Anytime you shop online, start at and SNAP will receive money -- at no cost to you! Whether you shop a lot or a little, if you use iGive every time the donations will add up. Just go to, sign up, designate SNAP San Diego as your charity, and use as your starting point each time you go shopping. iGive subscribers often benefit from discounts, free shipping and other advantages. Be sure to register SNAP San Diego as your cause when you register. It's free and easy to do!

Use GoodSearch as Your Search Engine

Another easy way to help SNAP is through a search engine called GoodSearch (powered by Yahoo!). GoodSearch will make a donation to SNAP with every search performed by users who have specified us as their charity. It doesn't cost you a thing: the money comes from companies that advertise on GoodSearch. Visit GoodSearch and enter SNAP into the "Who do you GoodSearch For?" field. Then choose Spay Neuter Action Project (SNAP) La Jolla CA. That's it, you're all set to search, find, and raise money for SNAP. The donations add up quickly... please spread the word to your friends and family.