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What Others are Saying about SNAP: Community Comments

Companion animals are our passion. By empowering people to be responsible, SNAP improves the welfare of pets, people and our community.

ns clientsNeuter Scooter clients give SNAP four paws up!

    "It's a great program. Will recommend to others" D. Gonzalez
    "We wanted to say thank you sooooooo much for offering this service for our sweet kitty! We totaled up how much service we received for $30 and it would have been about THREE times as much!! We're on a ridiculous budget right now, so we really needed this special very much!!! Thank you!! BLESS YOU ALL!!!!" Love, Shannon (the Mom), Shaye (The Kitty's mom), & Luna (The Kitty) from National City
    "Absolutely wonderful for low income elderly" Rita from Oceanside
    "Dear Ms. Candy: Thank you sososo much for geting our new kitty fixed. Kit-Kat can have a happy & healthy life. We will love her & take cear of her. Agine thank you for helping!!!!" Bethany and sisters :-)
    "SNAP is a great organization. Anyone who goes out of their way to help animals, is great in my book and SNAP does more than go out of their way. They're a group of wonderfully dedicated and selfless people." Mike S.
    "Hi Candy - Thank you to you and Snoopy Bus for all the kind service you have provided for my dog Clarita and all the other animals." Consuela G.
    "God Bless the staff here and the service provided. Much appriciated!!" C. Moore
    Excellent +++++. Spay Neuter Action Project is the best thing in years to happen to the pet population of San Diego!" D. Canty and V. Johnson
    "Thank God for this program. Couldn't afford it without you." T. Tigert
    "Spay Neuter Action Project is soooooo much better than excellent!!!" D. Ward
    "Recommending SNAP's services to friends and neighbors." I. Rodriquez
    "Great program! Wonderful!" Cynthia W.
    "I am very satisfied with SNAP. I am a low income family and this (clinic) helped me beyond belief. Thank you." C. Cadet
    "Everyone was warm and friendly. I felt confident leaving my little guys in your hands." Marsha
    "Great people doing an excellent job." A. Alcaraz
    "I think you are providing a wonderful service and I will tell everyone interested. You made everything easy and everyone was so nice." L. Bentley
    "Thank you for blessing our family with this wonderful service." T. Marti
    "Couldn't have asked for more. Very confident leaving my babies." Y. Aceves
    "Very well done. Important community service." L. Lupo
    "La atencion que me proporcionaron fue exelente. Gracias" E. Mejia
    "Excellent! I love my cat and they showed respect and concern! I appreciate their devotion, attention to detail and true caring. Thank you all!" D. Wolf
    "Smooth operation. Great personable service." D. Joss
    "Thanx. Awesome group of people." V. Hada
    "Excellent humanitarian and community service. Thank you!" C. McNally
    "Hi Everyone at Channel 10! I would like to tell you about a nonprofit organization that is really making a difference for households with pets! I would like to nominate SNAP for a Leadership Award. I had my 3 dogs (all discarded pit bulls) fixed and licensed. The people involved treated me like I was the only customer they had and I watched them them do the same for all the other people and their pets. My dogs are healthy, happy, licensed and fixed and it wouldn't have happened without the doctors and staff of SNAP". Mike A.
    "Keep up the good work! Thanks much!" Chris
    "Thank you for spaying my female cat, "Baby" and neutering my male cat "Shadow". SNAP and your staff saved my husband and me our sanity. Baby was keeping us up at night with all of her yowling. You have also saved Baby from being given away. I cannot thank you enough!! PS. My husband thanks you, too!" Love-n-thanks - Alma, Ray, Baby and Shadow
    "Thanks to all for taking care of Cabo!" Eddie and Susan

So do community leaders:

SNAP and the Neuter Scooter have come to the rescue for the animals in the South Bay. The Neuter Scooter mobile clinics are a vital part of our strategy to decrease the number of impounded pets at the Chula Vista Shelter. We are thrilled to have the mobile clinic at our facility, SNAP's prevention programs - education and spay/neuter - are the solution.
Dorothy York, DVM, former director of Chula Vista Animal Care Facility
(CVACF enjoyed its first decline in impounds in 2006-07 - approximately 10% fewer animals entered the shelter)

SNAP makes a big difference in the County's efforts to stop pet overpopulation. I am proud of the County's partnership with SNAP and I am always glad to sponsor SNAP's efforts.
District 3 Supervisor Pam Slater-Price

There is no doubt in my mind that it is the partnership between SNAP and County Animal Services that has contributed to the success we share in the animal welfare community. It is the significant role that SNAP plays in reducing euthanasia in our shelters by making spaying and neutering affordable to everyone. Keep up the extraordinary community service you perform and I look forward to years of continued collaboration in order to achieve our mutual goals.
Dawn Danielson RVT, Director, County Animal Services

As a member of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, it is my pleasure to invest much needed resources into community organizations that are dedicated to enriching the lives of people in San Diego County. I am pleased to have this opportunity to benefit the people and animals of our region by supporting the efforts of the Spay Neuter Action Project.
District 1 Supervisor Greg Cox

I commend your passionate dedication to assisting in the elimination of pet overpopulation in San Diego County. Please accept my most sincere congratulations and appreciation for your involvement in the community.
Toni Atkins, Council Member, Third District